mukai shuzo

Mukai Shuzō is located at the northern tip of Kyōto prefecture and is right on the coast of the Sea of Japan, in the picturesque fishing village of Ine.  Most of the homes that are built along the water have been built so that the owners’ fishing boat can be moored underneath their home. You can even drive your boat up alongside Mukai Shuzō and buy a crate of sake! The Mukai brewery has an incredibly long history having been founded in 1754 and is still a family run business today. The current Tōji (Master Brewer) is Kuniko, who is the eldest daughter of the Kuramoto (Brewery Owner) Yoshihisa Mukai.  Kuniko-san became one of the first women Tōji in Japan when she became a professional sake brewer after she graduated from agricultural university. 

Kuniko Mukai constantly experiments with unusual rice and yeast combinations producing new and unique types of Sake, most of which are made in minuscule amounts. Inemankai utilises an ancient variety of red rice in part of its fermentation. In Japan, red rice has been cultivated and used for traditional celebrations in provincial villages and towns for centuries, but it is extremely rare to see red rice used commercially.

Slightly fruity offset by a superb acid balance. Intense smoky nose with sweet fresh acidity with a long finish. A hint of bitterness makes this lower alcohol sake the perfect and refreshing aperitif. Complex flavors from the

unusual red rice, which of course also lends the sake its beautiful hue.


“Ine’s Full Bloom”

Junmai Genshu

720ml & 1800ml

Rice type: Gohyakumangoku & Murasaki Komachi

(red rice)

Rice polishing: 83% for brewing rice; 73% koji rice; 91% for red rice

Alcohol: 14%

SMV: -5

Acidity: 2.3

Serve: Chilled

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