yucho shuzo

Yucho Shuzo has produced sake for over 300 years in Nara, an area long considered to be the birthplace of sake in Japan. In the past decade, Yucho helped revive the ancient brewing methods made famous 500 years ago at the local Shoryaku Temple. Gose village, where Yucho is located, is surrounded by tall mountains, tall waterfalls and mighty rivers: all of which contribute to the bright, clean quality of their sake.

The brewing techniques used at temples in Nara provided the foundations of sake production today––with bodaimoto being the oldest method. In the modern era “new” brewing techniques such as Yamahai and Sokujo developed while slowly the traditional technique of bodaimoto was all but forgotten. However, in 1999 breweries in Nara helped revive the technique of bodaimoto, with Yucho at the forefront of this movement.

“Bodaimoto” is the original process of creating a lactic acid starter mash from scratch, using raw & steamed rice. “Regal hawk” represents a return to roots of craft sake making. The taste of the local rice lends a nutty note, then you’ll taste the lactic acid in the finish: which adds an almost creamy quality to this rare sake. Enjoy chilled, at room temperature or gently warmed.

The brewery is proud to use locally grown rice & fresh water from their deep wells in making this elegant & fruity sake. “Kaze no Mori” is one of the most sought after sakes in japan, with a real cult following devoted to it’s fresh, floral & fruity flavors. Bright & elegant, this is a sake that drinks like wine.

Since this sake was bottled straight after pressing & is unfiltered (“muroka”) sedimentation & unfiltered particles are normal. Natural carbon dioxide effervescence may also be present: take care as the contents may pop like champagne! “Wind of the woods” will continue to develop umami & mellow flavours even after the bubbles are gone. Serve chilled & keep refrigerated!

Takacho “Regal Hawk”

Bodaimoto Junmai Muroka Genshu


Rice type: Hinohikari

Rice polishing: 60%

Alcohol: 17%

SMV: –25

Acidity: 3

specs /images: takacho720bottle.jpg

FW meigara handouts 2016 TAKACHO.pdf

Kaze no Mori

“Wind of the Woods”

Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu


Rice type: Akitsuho

Rice polishing: 60%

Alcohol: 17%

SMV: 2.5

Acidity: 3

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FW meigara handouts 2016 KAZE NO MORI.pdf